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It’s time to transform your life…You can be the person you want to be.

Do you feel there is so much more you could be doing with your life, either personally, professionally, or both? Are you tired of the excuses, being the victim of circumstances, not feeling fulfilled, or falling into the same traps, all the while thinking that some day you’ll take action? You’ve probably heard the quote, “you can do whatever you set your mind to,” but perhaps you just can’t get your mind around what you should do? You’re not alone, this happens to just about everyone at some point.


Now, imagine if you had someone to coach you along the way, to help crystallize decisions and keep you motivated, focused, and accountable? How would your life be different? Do you want to find out? 

Why Me

Contact me if you want to. . .

-Take massive action steps to achieve your dreams


- Create awesomely motivating goals.

-Live with purpose and regain your passion for life

You’ll be amazed at what you can do if you try.

Coaching is an action oriented profession that focuses on a your current life and plans for the future. . .it brings out the potential in you by emotionally connecting your inner purpose and passion to your outer goals and strategies to bring about extraordinary and sustainable results.

The Benefits of Coaching include... 

Live Your Purpose

Establish a clear vision, set intentions, take action, and stay focused.

Design a Healthier and Happier Lifestyle

Enjoy the process of life as you proactively create your days and live more consciously through them in ways that support your vision and goals.

Gain Confidence

Build strength and discipline as you overcome the things you thought you couldn’t do.

Enjoy Greater Wellbeing

Learn to overcome limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging, and negative thought patterns; as well as learn to let go of regrets and discover their lessons so you can move forward.

Become a Stronger Leader

Discover how to increase your effectiveness, lead by example, become big-picture focused, and inspire those around you.

How you spend each day determines your future. The difference between the life you want and the life you have are the choices you make.
As your coach we synergistically work together to manifest your vision.

“Each moment describes who you are, and gives you the opportunity to decide if that is who you want to be.” Through empowering questions and raising your awareness, coaching helps you make more conscious choices that are aligned to who you want to be. In its simplest form, coaching empowers you to discover yourself, identify what you want, and take action to achieve meaningful goals. 

Coaching approach
Behavior determines results. I am not saying it’s always going to be easy, but it will be worth it.  
My Coaching Process
This is why I love what I do...
Discover what Lights Your Fire

First we discover your strengths, values, what you want, and why you want it.

Create a Mission and Vision

After we’ve uncovered “you,” we then determine what you want your life to look like and create your vision and mission.

Establish Your Goals

Once your vision and mission are established, we break it up into specific goals to provide direction and purpose.

Build a Goal Achievement Roadmap
Enjoy the Journey

Now that the plan is in place, we work the plan by sustaining focus, maintaining or recapturing motivation, and overcoming obstacles along the way.  

With the goals created, we form a plan, your roadmap to success, to get you from where you are to where you want to be.  

My Coaching Process
Coaching helps you figure out who you are at your core, what you want, and then helps you get there . . . it’s about moving forward. 

  • Weekly or Bi-Weekly 60-minute coaching sessions

  • Email support as needed between sessions

  • Initial assessment work done at the start followed by individualized weekly goals


Coaching sessions are traditionally conducted over the phone or via video conferencing.  There is limited availability for in-person sessions. 


A minimum agreement of 12 weeks (3 to 6 months) is highly recommended in order to set and start reaching your goals.

Contact me for pricing and availability.

Good habits can become just as addicting as bad habits…but they make you feel so much better.
I know how to get things done...  


Before becoming a professional coach, I led marketing and communications departments for both American and foreign-owned corporations. Throughout my career, I inspired teams to exceed challenging objectives and skillfully established business targets through a creative, well-structured and focused approach. Because of this, I built a reputation for introducing strategic solutions within tight budget and time guidelines and generating world-class results. When there was a challenge to solve, I was called.

Today, I am known as a strategically focused and trusted coach with a passion for transforming personal and professional performance. My drive for professional success is an outgrowth of my life’s personal passion for driving running teams to excellence and participating in endurance races, such as marathons and Ironman events. In addition to my extensive business experience, I am a certified business and life coach through iPec, a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, and a certified run coach. In terms of academics, I hold a PhD and MA in depth psychology with an emphasis in somatic studies, and an MBA. 


Transformation happens when you are courageous enough to acknowledge your strengths and your weaknesses, question your beliefs, face your fears, and take action.
About Me


Are we a fit?


Coaching is most effective when there is a fit between the coach and client. So, here’s a bit more information about me and my typical clients. 


My background is diverse, between my education, travel, yoga, fitness and endurance training, and my 20 years corporate experience, including international work, I have learned the power of empathy and the importance of an open mind. And, I bring all these experiences to my work. My deepest passion is to help my clients achieve happiness and success as they define it. I coach the whole person, which means that my clients desire to excel both professionally and personally.


Because of my extensive business leadership background, typically my clients fall into one of three scenarios:

  • Entrepreneurs and business leaders across disciplines seeking to lead their organizations more effectively and efficiently, while also maintaining wellness. 


  • Business professionals across disciplines on the brink of promotion, or recently promoted to a new position, needing an edge to gain recognition and/or excel in their new position.

  • Business professionals across disciplines desiring to rekindle their passion and succeed in their career and/or in life in general. 


However, I also coach individuals who just want to reset, reprioritize, and/or re-plan their life…The request often comes as, “help me get my life together.” 

Our partnership is about conditioning you for success. To this end, I approach success coaching similar to how I approached marathon coaching: For our relationship to work, and for you to cross the finish line (achieve your goals), you have to be committed and do the weekly miles (work).

Right fit

Interested in scheduling a consultation about becoming a client? Contact me to request more information. We can have a quick chat about your goals, your questions, and your readiness for coaching.  

Thanks! Message sent.

Let’s make your future amazing...
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